Discreet Or Hidden CCTV Camera

Discreet Or Hidden CCTV Camera

These CCTV  Camera are  in disguise and they could look like a fan or any other thing that would not seem suspicious in the area. These Camera are used by News Channel for doing sting oration because we can hide these cameras any where like Our watch, Belt , Ring, pen , Switch, Car Key and any where where an

y one cant see it.

These Camera are mostly used in Intelligence agencies. these  Camera are useful for Business also because we can monitor our employees by hidden camera. These storage capacity are less they can store less video.

Types Of Hidden CCTV Camera

Pen Type Camera

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This Camera are like a pen it can easily carry on

your shirt pocket. it Can record 24 hours recording in one time if the storage capacity is high so it can store more videos.

Belt Type CCTV Camera

Hidden Camera





This Camera are attached in our belt. No one can guess this camera. It is also used by intelligence agencies. We can also do sting operation by this camera. if we can expose someone so we can use this camera.

Ring Type CCTV Camera

These  Camera are attached in our Ring and can record videos. These camera has less storage Capacity. so it can record less videos. These Cameras are also used in sting Operation.

Wall Type CCTV Camera

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These Camera are easily fix in our house wall like on a switch board , Fan, Almira.